Saturday, February 1, 2014

A house filled with hundreds of dead snakes and mice found in California

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Authorities have uncovered a "house of horrors" in California where hundreds of snakes were found. Many of the reptiles had already died before animal experts swooped on the property in Santa Ana. 

Neighbours would have been forgiven for not knowing what had been happening behind closed doors as the house was well maintained from the outside and the front lawn was manicured.

 It was only when a rancid smell emerged from the property and wafted its way into the path of passing residents than people became suspicious. 

When police entered the building, officers not only found numerous snakes dead and alive, but also mice and rats roaming the rooms.
 The freezer was filled with dead mice, brought in to feed the reptiles.

 A teacher, who had been living at the house since his mother died in 2011, has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. While police are called it a case of animal hoarding. The surviving snakes have been taken in by an animal welfare agency and are being rehomed with nature centres, museums and schools. Report by Ashley Fudge.


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