Monday, January 13, 2014

Starting your business, sooner better than later.

So you want to start a business. 
Yes it's GREAT, its EXCITING.
But how well do you know how to do it?
From my experience, I found out that "working" helps you manage your goals, believe it or not.
So my First advice for you is to get working. Don't just dream about it, DO IT.
You're not losing any thing, are you?. In fact you're getting your dreams into reality.

Assuming you know what kind of business you want to offer, go see you competition. See what they offer. And for how much they offer it.
You see, the key to attracting buyer specially when you're a newbie is to offer
More or charge less than your competition.

If you ever think "Ow no one wants to have my stuff", remember that every body started the same way. Yes the did. BUT they WORKED, and PUT THEIR TIME on it. and look where they got.

START YOUR BUSINESS NOW, whether it's big or small.

Starting your business is better sooner than later.

Because let me tell you, nothing, and I repeat nothing feels better than living the life you always wanted.


  1. Great advice! I'm working hard to start my own coffee shop! I'm just trying to save up some money!

    1. Hey, Luna.
      Thank you for taking your time and commenting.
      I like people who have ambition
      I wish you all the best with your business.

  2. Hi Smasim,

    Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog! I was really happy to see that even though it is mainly in Portuguese you could enjoy it. I really like this post you wrote....It seems your blog is new and I am really willing to follow it. Good luck ;) I like your positive attitude!


    1. Hello dani.
      I really did enjoy your blog, it's a good one. Keep it up.
      Thank you for checking my blog.
      It is a new start for me. I hope you enjoy the ride through it.



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